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The Competition Journey

To enter the Create & Cook Competition you need to follow 4 steps.
Follow steps 1- 4 below and then fill in our entry form. Your teacher will help you with your competition entry. We're also uploading a video on to our Facebook page to show how you can send in your entries from home if you are not in touch with your teacher.
The closing date for entry to the 2020 competition is now Thursday 30th April.

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Step 1

Find Local Ingredients

This competition is all about using local ingredients. We want you to search out food that is grown in Shropshire. You might find interesting ingredients in your local farm shop, your farmers market or even in your back garden. Home grown vegetables and fruit count as local ingredients. You must use at least 2 locally sourced ingredients in your menu and one from the Best of our Counties list below. These ingredients must be available in early summer as this when we hold the competition finals. Start with key local ingredients and then create your menu around them. You'll then have a brilliant entry.

Some ideas on where to find local food in Shrewsbury to start you off:

Shropshire Farm Shops

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Step 2

Step 2

Create your menu

To create your menu you must design:

  1. 2 course menu using at least 2 local ingredients and one from the Best of our Counties list.
  2. your menu must have an early summer theme as the finals are in the summer. Try and use ingredients that are in season in May & June
  3. you have 90 minutes to cook your 2 dishes and you should cook 2 portions of each dish.
  4. you have a budget of £25 for ingredients. If you get through to the final we give you money for ingredients.

Have fun being creative...

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    Step 3

    Step 3

    Cook your recipes

    For 2020 you don't have to cook your recipes as we know some ingredients are hard to get. But you can of course cook them if you want and send in ONE photo of your dishes with your entry form.

    Once you've designed your menu, write out your recipes and have fun cooking them. Make sure your recipes work and adapt them if they don't. Now is the time to refine your ideas and add some little extras. You need enough for two portions of each dish. Think about the presentation of your dishes too.

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      Step 4

      Step 4

      Tell us your story

      The judges want to know the story behind your menu. Why did you choose your menu? Is there a personal connection to one of your local ingredients? Are you using a tried and tested family recipe? We also want to know a bit more about your love of cooking and who inspired you?

      Now you need to fill in the entry form and your teacher will send it off to us. Good luck! If you're not in touch with your teacher please see our Facebook page where there is a video on how to enter from home.

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        Step 5

        Be Inspired

        Here are recipes from past finalists that have a summer theme and use lots of local ingredients. They were created and cooked by young cooks just like you.

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