The Create & Cook Competition is taking a break for 2022 to give schools a chance to get back to normal. With schools and food tech teachers under enormous pressure this academic year, we have decided to take a break for 2022. We know how hard it was for teachers last year to run the competition in school with the extra work involved in exams etc and hope we can all return with renewed enthusiasm once the pandemic is over.

Meanwhile we do hope schools will continue to explore their local ingredients in the classroom. Teaching young cooks the links between what they buy, cook and eat and climate change is so important. Never before, with COP26 around the corner, has it been more important for us to understand how our food systems impact the planet. Learning about food miles, animal welfare and how our food is produced is vital if we are to make decisions that have the least impact on CO2 emissions and climate change.

Please do use our worksheets on the teachers pages to explore some of these issues in the classroom. Hope to be back soon to help schools celebrate local food and nurture young talent.

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